Hi! We’re Rob and Amber, we’re travel agents. Travel agent? Who needs one when you can book online? Do travel agents just provide personal service, great rates and inside connections?  Wait, There’s more. =)

10 Awesome Things we do for Clients

1. We save you time. With access to websites and systems only available to travel agents,  we have the resources to  present you with the best options.

2. We have connections. We have relationships with hundreds of suppliers, hoteliers, airlines, cruise lines that we can call on to get your answers and special arrangements for you.

3. We learn all the time. We obsessively research travel, talk travel and experience travel. Just to make sure, we spend hours learning at seminars and product launches to know what’s best for you.

4. We save you money. It’s true, we know the ins and outs of booking travel to get you the best price and will let you know what to expect from the trip you book.

5. Here when you need us.  We’re real humans that care about your travel experience. We’ll keep you up to date from when you book until you return from your trip. We confirm and double check everything for you before your departure.

6. It’s all about you. We’ll spend time to learn about your travel dreams. We’ll make suggestions based on you. We’ll make sure you find the trip that you want, even if you didn’t know it before.

7. We have you covered. We know exactly what you will need to travel to any country in the world.  We’ll make sure you have the right documentation and travel documents for you and all of your travel companions. We’re your support team from you from the moment you book until you return home.

8. One stop shop. We can book resorts, cruises, tours and more. We can book solo trips, families and groups of all sizes.

9. Travel protection.  We have access to all types of travel insurance and will always make sure you know your options.

10. We’re here to advise you. With up to date information on thousands of travel products and industry news we’ll send you on an amazing adventure.

Two heads are better than one, with Rob and Amber travel you get both of our heads. So there are the 10 awesome things we’ll do for you.

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